We’re your startup hyperscalers

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We’re focused on your growth, and know what it takes to scale a winning product.

What we do

Delivery on Demand

We deliver talented startup teams, on-demand.

We prioritize identifying, attracting and retaining global tech talent, and once hired, we support our people with ongoing training, a buddy system and a community of practitioners to draw capability from.

After assembling the team, the real work starts, and we continue by your side, to coach, tune and organize, as we foster the traits needed for impactful, scalable product delivery.

Accelerate with traction control

As your technology custodian we know it is our responsibility to protect and amplify your ability to deliver customer impact quickly and safely.

Our genuine collaborative and transparent approach enables us to face the future with eyes wide open and make fast decisions as a team. At the same time, our engineering discipline and practises gives us the platform to safely execute. In short, you can steer, while keeping your foot down.

Cloud craftsmanship

What differentiates us is our ability to actually deliver on the promise of cloud computing without getting caught up in the rhetoric.

We combine deep experience in the field, across cloud providers and solution architecture, to quickly bootstrap a stack for your use case.

Like all work we undertake we blend the rigour and capability offered by industry best practises and vanguard tooling, with the necessities of start-up delivery.

We craft, deploy, secure and support a cloud architecture that is generally standard, while adapting to the specific.

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