We’re your experienced technology strategist

We help you to expand on your blue-sky ideas then land them as down-to-earth, actionable, technology strategy

What we do

The right advice when you need it most

We are serial founders and CTOs, who continue to focus our company on repeated start-up product delivery and incubation for our clients. This experience provides us with diverse, present-day and practical insights to base our judgement and advice on, not hubris.

We genuinely enjoy the challenge and opportunity of supporting business founders to problem solve in tech strategy and product development as it informs our own offering and improves our own understanding of contemporary founder needs.

Bounce ideas off us?

An independent perspective for key decision makers

In our experience, there are times when you want an external, but in depth, perspective to inform your key decision making. Perhaps you are considering a merger, or acquisition, or assessing the quality of your current agency or in-house team, after hitting some bumps in the road.

We offer flexible audits tailored to your goals while balancing discretion with deep insights. We do not just provide health metrics, but contextualised and evidence-led strategic advice along with estimated and actionable recommendations

Impactful strategy and planning for key milestones

We know that translating plans into working products can come off the rails at great cost and risk. Our own product, design and tech leads can pair up with you to translate your goals into an actionable roadmap and backlog while helping you demystify and estimate technical tasks, in order to inform product prioritization decisions.

Typically our underlying goal will be one of enablement, so that you can continue the flow of delivering impact independently, while de-risking any assumptions as you iterate and learn about your customers needs.