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We’re a global team of practitioners giving a boost to the startups of today

What we do

Getting to market

Our ultra-modern approach to start-up product development makes the most of your runway. We iterate, with a focus on impactful product releases that experiment to find “right” based on your customer reactions. We know how to deliver both a great user experience and a good-enough feature-set for this stage in your process, so you can focus on your customers, and your pitch.

Scaling up

We know that there are times when you want to add resources to your team but are worried about the missing goal alignment and cultural fit for agencies or random freelancers. Our designers and developers know what being customer-value focused and product-centric means. They are trained and coached to be strong practitioners, but more importantly to be vocal about blockers and to suggest improvements. We always make sure our senior coaches are proactively, in-touch to steer at any signs of trouble and to be hands on in helping our people to stay happy and effective.

Getting to the market

While, we have been here before, we assess your needs with eyes and ears wide open. Our virtual CTOs and tech leads have founded, built and scaled start-ups and have deep technical and cloud infrastructure knowledge, and we help you with targeted advice and action, in bite-sized portions suiting your stage. If you are wondering how to prioritize features for impact, which technology or cloud provider to choose, how and who to recruit, or how to streamline delivery to get the most out of your technology resources, we can help you to make less mistakes. Talk to us

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